Lotus Dental is a modern and innovative dental practice in Neutral Bay on Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

We offer a centre of excellence for integrative dentistry.

At Lotus Dental we cover all aspects of dentistry, with particular skills in TMJ, cosmetic dentistry, functional orthodontics, working with children and anxious patients, safe amalgam replacement and detoxification.

Our purpose-designed dental clinic offers the last dental technologies for state-of-the-art care, offering early detection and minimal intervention (treating small problems before they become major ones).

Children's holistic dentist

Integrative dentists

Our Lotus Dental team is passionately committed to using holistic practices in dentistry and bringing it into mainstream dentistry, offering you a different experience.

Why does this matter? Most people don’t know that healthy teeth and gums play a key role in overall health. A surprising number of chronic health issues arise as a result of common problems in the mouth.

As integrative dentists, our treatments consider the effects on the whole body, not just the mouth and teeth, and our diagnostic approach considers how other health issues may be playing out in oral health.

We use only bio-compatible materials and we take into account your wider needs as a unique individual – structural, biochemical and emotional – to create the right care plan for you.

The Lotus Dental team

Lotus Holistic Health Centre

Healthy woman with fruitAs part of the Lotus Holistic Health Centre we also work with other health practitioners, including naturopaths, chiropractors and yoga therapists, depending on your specific needs – all designed to assist you with achieving and maintaining exceptional health.

Lotus Holistic Health Centre

Convenient for the City, Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches

We are located in Neutral Bay on major bus and ferry routes and with parking nearby – close to the City and very convenient for Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches.

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Lotus Dental is the Australian distributor for:

Eco-DenT oral dental products

The Eco-denT® range of premium quality natural oral dental products includes dental floss, toothpaste and toothpowder, tooth whitening and daily rinse. 


Aqualizer® is a revolutionary device that allows a minimally invasive approach to treating TMJ problems - the cause of pain and structural misalignment for many people.

Our staff are happy to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have, and help you find a suitable time for consultation.


Children’s dentistry specialist

Detect any problems early and treat them with minimal intervention, so that extensive treatment is not necessary in later years.

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TMJ is a common cause of chronic headaches and migraines.

TMJ + Structural alignment

One out of eight people suffer from headaches so severe that they cannot function normally. TMJ Syndrome is a common cause.

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Help for anxious patients

We can help patients suffering fear and anxiety to relax with hypnosis or laughing gas, or a combination – these are both very effective.

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Safe amalgam replacement

Many people are electing for health reasons to have their mercury amalgam fillings removed. We use the IAOMT protocol for your safety.

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A beautiful smile for everyone

We believe that everyone has the right to a beautiful smile! We offer a full range of cosmetic procedures for both adults and children.

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