We are located in Neutral Bay – close to the City and convenient for Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches.

The teeth and gums play a surprisingly major role in overall health and this is changing the role played by dentistry. Lotus Dental is a leader in an emerging approach in Australia: we are an integrative dental practice.

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We combine traditional wisdom with the latest scientific research and advanced dental technologies – and we work with other health practitioners as needed, to achieve a whole-of-body approach and the best outcome for patients.

Because the mouth acts as a mirrors for other parts of the body, our treatments consider how other health issues may be playing out in your oral health. And our holistic approach means that we also assess how treatments might impact the body more widely, including using bio-compatible materials.

Whether it’s time for your regular check-up or you’re looking for a smile makeover, our Lotus Dental team will look after you with state-of–the art care, tailored to your specific needs.

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Lotus Holistic Health CentreLotus Holistic Health Centre

As part of the Lotus Holistic Health Centre we also work with other health practitioners in areas including naturopathy, osteopathy, breathing therapy and yoga therapy to achieve wider health benefits. See our Lotus Health website for information on the integrative practitioners and other services available.

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