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Aqualizer (tm) oral splint for TMJ treatment

New harmony between Bite and Body:

TMJ Pain Relief and Treatment with Aqualizer™ Dental Splints

Aqualizer (tm) treatment appliance for TMJ alignment

Available individually or in packs of 10 from our dental offices in Neutral Bay or purchase online.

They come in sizes Ultra / Mini with Low, Medium or High options. Normally Aqualizers are first fitted by your dentist, so if you don’t know what size you are, please call us so we can discuss your requirements.

Aqualizer (individual)

AU $48 incl GST


Aqualizer (Pack of 10)

AU $350.00 incl GST


The Aqualizer’s™ revolutionary fluid system creates perfect bite balance and stability through a minimally invasive approach to TMJ treatment. It works by allowing the muscles themselves to automatically reposition the jaw to where it naturally works best. For TMJ pain relief, restoring this balance is essential.

Unlike other available dental splints, the Aqualizer™ self-adjusting oral splint is a TMJ treatment which allows the body to unravel bite distortions and establish optimal systemic function and balance. The Aqualizer™ takes the uncertainty out of TMJ diagnosis and treatment. While other dental splints and TMJ treatment options can distort the jaw, causing TMJ pain, the Aqualizer™ facilitates relief through ideal occlusion automatically and naturally.

What makes the Aqualizer™ dental splints a different kind of TMJ treatment?

The answer is simple physics. The Aqualizer™ is a new application of a basic physical law of nature called Pascal’s Law, which states that that an enclosed fluid will apply equalized fluid pressure regardless of where pressure is applied to the fluid. In other words, biting down on the Aqualizer™ causes the fluid to distribute bite forces evenly across the bite, reducing TMJ pressure and pain and ensuring relief. Aqualizer™ dental splints impose no preset changes. By contrast, they enable the body to naturally balance itself, resulting in TMJ pain relief and improved function.

Our bodies seek functional balance – with Aqualizer™ dental mouth guards, it is found instantly

The Aqualizer™ is the most accurate and effective differential diagnostic tool available. The Aqualizer™ allows the body to find instant functional balance by unraveling the malocclusion it is locked in, making The Aqualizer™ an invaluable tool to anyone who is suffering from the effects of TMD. The Aqualizer™ obtains a perfect bite on the first try – dental mouth guards made from this bite are immensely effective, predictable, and require remarkably few adjustments, saving valuable chair time. Dental professionals may use the Aqualizer™‘s water system in conjunction with articulation paper or the Tekscan T-Scan® to diagnose and treat bruxism-related facial pain or migraine headaches and chronic neck and shoulder pain.

Why the Aqualizer™?

The Aqualizer™’s unique water system:

  • Immediately optimizes biomechanics
  • Supports the jaw in a comfortable position
  • Removes the teeth from dominance, placing bite and body in harmony
  • Straightens the bite to maximize other structures – Aqualizer™ is the bridge
  • Normalizes the bite and provides TMJ pain relief at will – without drugs
  • Removes the imbalance trigger for patients who have existing malocclusion
  • Enables systemic function and balance
  • Allows the body to naturally balance itself

Finds perfect occlusal balance, starting treatment immediately.

Greater effectiveness for:

  • Treating TMJ/PDS symptoms, including headache, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness, and TMD related pain from trauma and whiplash. You can easily provide fast TMJ symptom relief at the first office visit.
  • Orthodontics and cosmetics: The Aqualizer™ offers better functional treatment planning with a preview of harmony between teeth, mandibular position, TMJs, and the entire muscle complex. Relieves orthodontic-triggered muscle pain during treatment without inhibiting tooth movement. Oral surgery: The Aqualizer™ provides pre-surgical differential diagnoses and post-surgical pain and inflammation relief.
  • Improves restricted opening problems when taking impressions: Wearing the Aqualizer™ prior to bite registration establishes a physiologic centric relation. Quick, accurate differential diagnosis: Use an Aqualizer™ as your first conservative, reversible, inexpensive test to definitively diagnose the problem.
  • TMJ pain relief with the Aqualizer™ confirms that the pain is of neuromuscular origin, triggered or exacerbated by the occlusion, rather than organic or intracapsular (joint) pain.
  • Occlusal treatment planning: When malocclusion of any kind is indicated, have the patient wear an Aqualizer™ during the pre-treatment planning stage as a uniquely effective deprogrammer. This will allow the patient’s own muscles to establish the mandibular position that produces maximum comfort and functionality. Incorporate this muscle compatible position into the treatment plan to get the most successful results.
  • Build your splints to a muscle-guided occlusion: Step-by-step, the Aqualizer™ precisely guides your adjustment of any occlusal surface, including rigid splints. Using an Aqualizer™ bite registration and/or deprogramming and tapping, the Aqualizer™ system pinpoints all interfering or displacing contacts so you can make that occlusal position permanent. The Aqualizer™ system may be easily used in conjunction with articulation paper, the Tekscan T-Scan®, and other existing occlusal analysis aids. Save adjustment time, eliminate trial and error, and increase patient comfort.

More than one million patients have experienced the rapid pain relief that the Aqualizer™ provides. Health professionals from dentists to chiropractors safely recommend Aqualizer™ dental mouth guards to anyone suffering from head, neck, or shoulder pain. The Aqualizer™ will effectively relieve neuromuscular pain that is a result of malocclusion.

Please contact us for more information about the Aqualizer™.