Orion biocompatibility esting

The importance of biocompatibility testing of dental materials

The ‘biocompatibility’ of a substance is knowing the suitability of a substance to exist in living things without harming them. Therefore the material should not cause any kind of allergic, toxic, inflammatory or any other undesirable reaction in the individual.

Today there are many different types of dental materials available for use, and no one material will suit everybody. Because each of us possesses a unique biochemistry, these substances affect each of us differently and in varying degrees. If we take into account that we may be replacing toxic amalgam or root canal materials, the body may already be under some toxic strain, and choosing the most compatible substance for its replacement is critical to ease this burden.

The range of materials covered

Dental biocompatibility testing is done using the CEDS ORION computerised system, operated by Kate Kessel, our resident Naturopath.

Kate specialises in holistic dentistry, and has successfully performed many dental biocompatibility tests over her almost 20 years experience. She has a broad collection of dental samples that can cover almost any dental procedure you may require and can create your personalised ‘dental menu’ that can be referred to for up to 12 months. Materials include dental restoratives, anaesthetics and splint and Invisalign materials.

  • Dental restoration materials include a broad range of composites, ceramics and porcelains and metallic pieces such as titanium, zirconia, gold or silver.
  • Dental anesthetics include a variety of lignocaine based products, but may also include adrenaline.
  • Dental splint and Invisalign materials include thermo polymers and other plasticized substances.

The test takes approximately 30 minutes. There is no discomfort as there are no needles used.

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