The mouth, teeth and jaw have an enormous and surprising impact on our general health and wellbeing.

All parts of the body are connected. No part works in isolation from the rest … We often lose sight of this in the specialisation approach of modern medicine.

The mouth harbours a lot of bacteria and is the entry point for all of the body’s food and water … So it’s important that your mouth is healthy!

The mind and body are also connected, in very practical ways – much more so than we have been taught … Who would have thought that today’s busy lives would have an impact on our teeth? But it’s true.

What does ‘holistic dentistry’ mean in practice?

We combine traditional wisdom with the latest scientific research and advanced dental technologies – and we work with other health practitioners as needed, to achieve a whole-of-body approach and the best outcome for patients. Because the mouth acts as a mirrors for other parts of the body, our treatments consider how other health issues may be playing out in your oral health. And our holistic approach means that we also assess how treatments might impact the body more widely, including using bio-compatible materials.

We provide state-of-the art dentistry supported by the latest computer diagnostic equipment, with some KEY PRINCIPLES

  • We use dental materials which are not toxic to the human body – for example, we do not use mercury amalgam.
  • We use techniques which minimise harm and intervention – in this we are greatly assisted by the new technologies, for example digital X-rays which deliver only 50% of the radiation level.
  • We look at how your jaw muscles and bones are working together and adjust them if necessary.
  • We use nutritional and other natural supplements to ensure healthy building blocks for teeth and gums.
  • We work holistically with other treatments and techniques.
  • We work integratively (where appropriate) with other health professionals to give you the best possible opportunity for healthy teeth and wellness.

Please contact us if you’d like to find out more about how our holistic and integrative approach can help you.