Triad of Health

The Triad of Health

At Lotus Dental we introduce a new approach: integrative and holistic dental care. A holistic whole-of-body approach is taken, considering the needs of the whole person, and we work integratively with other practitioners/therapies to achieve the best health outcome for patients.

The Triad of Health divides the body into biomechanical (structural), biochemical and spiritual/emotional influences. All need to be functioning optimally for exceptional health, and in some people one of these systems requires a lot more support than the others.

This is why for some people – for example – osteopathic treatment alone works wonders (theirs is a purely structural problem) and for others it is far less successful because they have a much greater need for emotional balancing. Removing your amalgam fillings may decrease the body’s burden of mercury (biochemical stress) but may not be as effective in improving your head and neck pain as correcting your jaw alignment if you have a major structural problem.

The treatment modalities we use and refer for at Lotus Dental can be divided into these three categories and as we develop a greater understanding of the individual we can direct them towards the appropriate treatment or practitioner.