Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is produced from your own blood and is exceptionally rich in platelets – these contain growth factors and enhance blood clotting to help heal wounds. These growth factors stimulate stem cells to rapidly produce new tissue, promoting healing and rebuilding of bone and lost tissues.

AN IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE: PRF is a second-generation technique and doesn’t require any external anti-clotting factors or other biochemical manipulation of the blood to produce, as compared to PRP (platelet rich plasma).

The process

Blood is collected at the beginning of the procedure in special test tubes and spun in a customised centrifuge.

The blood can be processed in 2 ways, producing a solid fibrin-rich plug (PRF) or a liquid, injectable form (iPRF).

PRF centrifuge


PRF can be made into a membrane and is used to enhance healing and new bone formation

  • following extractions
  • in periodontal bone loss around teeth.

It can be mixed with bone grafting material

  • to rebuild the bone following extractions and gum surgery,
  • in bone repair from trauma and
  • prior to implant placement if there is insufficient bone for the implant.
Platelet Rich Fibrin

Coming from the patient’s own blood with nothing extra added, there is no risk of infection transmission or rejection of the membrane and we can achive wonderful results with healing and rebuilding of bone and lost tissues.

Injectable PRF (iPRF)

Injectable PRF is a liquid that can be used in the joints and around muscles and tendons to promote healing. At Lotus Dental and Lotus Health we combine this with the Weber Medical Laser for superior healing and regenerative results.

Facial treatment and rejuvenation using injectable PRF, combined with laser, are also available with our facial aesthetic, specially trained trained dentist.

Injectable PRF (iPRF)