Teeth whitening

Zoom “power bleaching”

Zoom teeth whitening is a fast-acting tooth whitening procedure. In just one appointment your teeth will be noticeably whiter.

Power bleaching is applied professionally in the dental surgery and uses the Zoom bleaching system and light to activate the whitening gel.

This achieves teeth whitening over a ninety minute appointment, and is followed up by a home bleaching kit to continue the whitening process to the desired level, and for maintenance of the result over the ensuing months.

During the treatment eye protection is first put on, and then a retractor is placed to hold the cheeks and lips away from the teeth. A material is placed to protect the gums and any exposed root surfaces from chemical irritation from the gel.

The whitening gel (35% hydrogen peroxide) is then applied to the teeth, activated with the special Zoom high intensity light, and left in place for some time to allow the oxygen products to penetrate into the teeth. The gel is then washed off and the fresh gel applied and reactivated.

The treatment sequence is repeated several times in the one appointment. Activation of the gel can also use a chemical agent such as ozone to enhance the effect of the hydrogen peroxide.

While the initial effects of power bleaching are immediate, depending on the effect achieved it might be necessary to repeat the treatment over several appointments to achieve the desired level of whitening. Some discolourations of the teeth respond very slowly to bleaching.

Your specific teeth condition and requirements will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Are there any side effects?

Because of rapid penetration and greater levels of oxygen products within the teeth, some patients will experience sensitivity in the teeth during “power bleaching”, particularly when the light is applied. Your dentist may reduce the exposure level of the tooth to the light source to reduce any discomfort.

Sensitivity experienced after the visit may be due to dehydration of the teeth or the body’s natural defence system which neutralizes the peroxide. Sensitivity is self-limiting and will generally resolve within several days. Your dentist may recommend a desensitizing agent or an analgesic medication depending on the nature and severity of the symptoms experienced.

Hydrogen peroxide (the active agent of whitening systems) is actually produced in the body in small amounts, and its effects have been studied for many years.

When bleaching is supervised and is carried out according to the dentist’s instructions, it is considered to be a safe, simple procedure:

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