Yoga in integrative dental care

For each of us our health lies in our own hands! As a long-term yoga practitioner and yoga teacher I am a firm believer in the benefits of stretching and aligning your body and calming your mind for increasing and maintaining health and well-being.
As health practitioners we can only do so much – give advice and treat in what we feel is an appropriate manner at the time. The rest of health and healing must come from within the individual: a conscious desire to be healthy and the commitment to take the necessary steps to achieve health and happiness.
As part of our commitment to holistic health – and because we focus on body alignment and structural integrity of the body in our TMJ and bite alignment treatment – we offer individual Yoga Therapy sessions as well as classes with a small class size.
Please talk to us about how this could help you in your treatment program.

Our yoga includes:

  • body alignment and postures
  • pranayama techniques (techniques for conscious breathing)
  • relaxation
  • ayurvedic medications and techniques

and is suitable for individuals and small group classes, with specific therapeutic focus such as

  • stress-release
  • management of back and neck problems
  • building strength and flexibility
  • asthma management
  • pre-natal yoga

We offer a range of styles and classes including asanas, breathwork, guided relaxation, meditation, sound and dance, appropriate from beginners through to more advanced levels. The focus of our therapeutic classes changes as different requirements are identified.

All our teachers are all highly qualified and experienced, and also offer private sessions for those who require more personalized attention.

Our class sizes are intentionally kept small to enable individual attention, so pre-booking of all classes is preferred. Mats are provided.

More information about classes, teachers and term dates is available on the Lotus Health website. Please contact us to book a series of classes or to discuss your needs.